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Say goodbye to generic, one-size-fits-all campaigns and hello to a premium Facebook ads experience that sets your brand apart.

Facebook Ads are a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes, with the potential to reach a massive audience and drive leads and conversions. At GRAVITATE, we understand the importance of Facebook Ads for businesses to reach its target audience and we're dedicated to helping our clients achieve their goals through expert management and tailored strategies.

We're an experienced Facebook advertising agency that can create, manage, and optimise your Facebook Ads. We experiment with A/B split testing on our strategies, ads, copy, content, audience targeting (demographics and psychographics) and CTAs, providing valuable insights to apply brand-wide.

We work closely with our clients to understand their goals, target audience, and the best approach to reach them. Our experienced team of digital marketers go beyond the basics to craft intelligent and unique Facebook ads strategies to deliver results, and we'll be there every step of the way to monitor and adjust as needed. With GRAVITATE, you can be sure that your Facebook Ads will be in safe hands.

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  • We help you to scale your brand using Facebook Ads. We are committed to producing results that are grounded in logic and drive ROI.

  • We experiment intelligently with A/B split testing on our strategies, ads, copy, content, audience targeting & CTAs.

  • We have been passionately performing in the Facebook ads niche for over a decade. We do this all day, every day.

  • With a laser focus on the most effective Facebook Ads that contribute to your business objectives, we consolidate and improve our strategy month on month.

How we work together

Discovery & Research

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Onboard & Strategy

Deep dive, historical analysis, access, setup & strategy development.

Ongoing Management

Split testing, budget control, statistical analysis & ongoing optimisations.


Fluid reporting, monthly success & strategy meetings.

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Our Approach

It's about problem-solving solutions and strategising the success of measurable data. We are a team of thinkers, strategists, and brand matchmakers. Niche but potent, we are BIG on data.

We have mastered the art of turning abstract numbers and problematic data into digestible opportunities to share with you. We action these out-of-the-box ideas and solutions, measure and innovate again. As consumer psychologists, we love statistics and exploring customer behaviour. This data drives our decision-making together to grow your brand.

Great results are one thing, but if we can’t measure the results or see areas for improvement, how will we know where to go next? One of the reasons GRAVITATE exists is we love transparency in data. We love the good, the bad, the ugly data. It’s all useful in helping us pivot and refine our approach together to compound the wins and avoid the pitfalls.

Our reporting shared with you is complete, and measurable using industry-leading reporting software to culminate the data points from various marketing initiatives. This provides us all with the full picture of performance. We then drill down into best-performing ads, copywriting, creative, audiences and more, performance fluidly displays in a central GRAVITATE reporting link. See results daily, weekly or monthly. Compare time periods. See our ongoing work in real-time on mobile or desktop.

We are enterprise ecommerce veterans and our team is formally trained in psychological science, accounting, project management and marketing (just to name a few).

Our techniques and knowledge have grown garage startups into cult following ecommerce stores with warehouses across the globe.

We pride ourselves on delivering needle shifting business growth consistently and with passion and care. We thrive when tailoring our marketing techniques to each unique brand we work with. Our team have first hand success growing international ecommerce brands into household names and local service businesses into multi-million dollar franchises and love to share our knowledge with you in our working relationship.

In the digital marketing space, what worked yesterday, won't work today. Paid advertising is changing daily, so we maintain a deep and ever evolving love of learning more in digital marketing, via ongoing weekly team development. This is systemised through weekly internal and external coaching, workshops and mentorship.

With our team tapped into the vein of digital marketing and a proven history of scaling brands with our digital marketing methods; we have a humble confidence, a genuine passion  and relentless devotion to generating accurate outcomes that promote growth for your business.

We provide consistent and accurate communication as if we were in the same room. We thrive in a colleagues environment as a seamless extension of you and your team. Our communication is unified through clear and transparent touch points throughout the month. We are approachable and accessible and give you our direct phone and email for ease of accessing us.

We provide official monthly reporting in the first week of each month, where we speak strategy after reviewing the data we speak through. This is usually complemented with a monthly Zoom meeting for 30-1 hour.

Busy one month and still want a thorough update? We can provide video recordings via email to summarise performance and speak through our results. If you need help or a GRAVITATE team mate, we're a call away during business hours and an email away 24/7.

We are devoted to creating intelligent, unique outcomes and generating return for your business. With our powers combined and the Captain Planet theme song playing in our heads, we synergise with your business, generating transactions and leads in a seamless, long term, prosperous and in brand approach.

Balancing psychological science and statistics with a creative mindset, we mould our knowledge and proven methods with data driven feedback we learn from getting to know your customer base. We tailor our expertise to deliver you bespoke, high quality and intelligent digital marketing outcomes.

Each business is distinctive, has different goals and unique selling points (USP's). Therefore your brand needs tailored marketing approaches that are anything but cookie cutter or one size fits all. We love tailoring our work to your business as we know that extra touch of personalisation can be the definitive needle shift your business needs to communicate with your customers.

We take the time to learn your unique brand language, style and story; weaving in our own digital expertise seamlessly with your brand.

What our clients are saying

Saxon, Eliza, and the team at Gravitate are absolute professionals when it comes to digital marketing and paid advertising. We consider them part of our team and their advice has been invaluable. Their knowledge of Google, Facebook and Instagram is second to none. If you're looking to boost your business, I would highly recommend that you reach out to this amazing team of experts!

Jeremy - Business Owner

So far, Gravitate Digital Marketing has helped improve and grow our company's online presence through a beautifully optimised website and some pretty powerful Facebook marketing campaigns...not long in and we're already seeing results!
I couldn't be more impressed with Saxon's knowledge in this field - as well as his ability to adapt it to our business model.  Highly recommend!

Jason - Business Owner

"I can't thank Saxon and the team at Gravitate Digital enough for their ongoing support with Google ads, Facebook ads and Instagram ads. I will always recommend Gravitate Digital as your trusted ad expert! The team always go above and beyond what is expected without any hesitation."

Gabby - Marketing Manager
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Frequently asked questions

What can Facebook Ads bring to my Business?

Will I have dedicated support from my FACEBOOK ADS account manager?

Who is Facebook ads for?

What is the difference between Boosted Posts and Meta Ads?

TO MANAGE YOUR Facebook Ads?

GRAVITATE has been working on these ad platforms since their inception and have turned startups into multi-million dollar success stories with our methods.

Our results-driven approach, data-driven insights, and commitment to our client's success sets us apart from other Facebook ad agencies. With over a decade of experience running Facebook ads, growing eCommerce and services businesses locally, nationally and globally; we're an experienced partner known to deliver full funnel marketing at scale using Facebook ads.We're also after long term partnerships.

This only eventuates with long term, scalable success as your Facebook Ads marketing agency. We have a 98% retention rate with our clients and in 2021, we didn't have a client move on from our services. This only comes about with an absolute dedication to our craft and a laser focus on the end game - revenue shifting results for you, our client.

Through our relentless and passionate commitment, weekly training and ongoing results; we have developed a strong portfolio of Facebook Ads clients and have in turn developed a partnership with Facebook to honour our level of work. In turn, we get exclusive access to new features, priority tech support and a stellar record of delivering revenue, leads and awareness for household brands and up and coming eCommerce and professional services.

From enterprise eCommerce, professional services, B2C, B2B and even charity and non for profits; we've worked with brands of all sizes and industries (including yours) to develop our reputation and 5 star Google rating.

And finally, the most important reason why GRAVITATE is damn good at Facebook Ads. Our team!

We have formal degrees in psychological science, specialising in statistics and consumer behaviour. We have accounting degrees, public relations and marketing degrees and in turn, these formal degrees of understanding infused with Facebook ads best practices have created a unique separation against our competitor agencies as we're tapped into this space in a highly professional manner. To encourage even more growth in our team, we have weekly training sessions either hosted by an in house team member who's a guru at a particular element of Facebook Ads, or we invite external consultants to come in and teach us more about this space - whether that be someone trained in Facebook ads or someone actually working at Facebook!

What Is Meta Ads? Is This Different To Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads?

What is the purpose of FAcebook ads?

Why Does My Brand Need Facebook Advertising?

Bottom line: if you’re not using Facebook advertising, you’re missing a tremendous opportunity to grow your business.

There are several reasons why businesses use meta ads:

- To increase online visibility and reach: Facebook ads allow businesses to get in front of potential customers who are visiting websites related to their products or services.

- To drive traffic to their website: Facebook ads can help businesses drive traffic to their website, which can lead to increased sales and conversions.

- To track the effectiveness of their marketing efforts: Facebook ads provide a range of metrics and reports that businesses can use to track the performance of their campaigns and measure the return on investment (ROI).

- To target specific audiences: Facebook ads allow businesses to target specific audiences based on factors such as location, interests, and website visits. This can help businesses reach the right people at the right time. The number of detailed targeting capabilities is phenomenal. From age, gender, interest, behaviour, connections, demographics, psychographics, languages, locations... The opportunity to drill down and target the audiences that matter with aligned ads makes this platform a cost effective marketing pillar, essential for any business wanting growth online.

- To reach a large audience: The Meta ad network includes a large number of websites, which means that businesses can reach a wide audience through their meta ads.There's an enormous pool of people who may fit your target audience using Facebook and Instagram every day.

- To optimise ad performance: Facebook's ad platform uses artificial intelligence (AI) to optimise ad performance in real-time, ensuring that businesses get the most out of their Meta ad campaigns.

When should I use Facebook ads?

Where will my meta ads appear?

Is Facebook Advertising Worth It?

If you want a simple answer. YES! Why you may ask? 

The list of Facebook advertising benefits is vast. From the sheer fact that over 2.9 billion people use Facebook and Instagram every month, therefore a huge amount of your target audience are active and would therefore be viable to share your advertising posts with them.

Not convinced yet? Social media has been found to influence 71% of consumer buying decisions (searchenginewatch.com). With 7 in 10 people who make a purchase being nurtured in some way via social media, having a compelling offer and being present on these platforms is going to convince a large proportion of your future customer base to shop with you over competition.

Furthermore, over 10 million businesses (adexchanger.com) are using Facebook Advertising. If you're not advertising here, your competitors are.

The above stats all sounds glorious I know, however the pitfalls of Facebook advertising is that to effectively advertise on this platform is challenging. We consistently see new clients onboard with us who've either set up campaigns internally with their team, or had a lack luster agency with cookie cutter methods apply huge budget to deliver un-rewarding outcomes. You can easily waste thousands of dollars and not see a return on investment. We therefore highly recommend working with a leading Facebook Ads agency (like GRAVITATE Digital) to ensure you have a tailored strategy and a team setting up and managing your Facebook Ads account who are highly experienced and passionate for your success.

What's GRAVITATE Digitals Secret Sauce When Running Facebook Ads?

How do FACEBOOK Ads work?

What Makes A GOOD Facebook Ad?

Crafting a Facebook ad that stands out amongst a see of attention grabbing posts is challenging! Ultimately a great Facebook ad comes down to high quality content and copywriting that is married up together cohesively. This ad is useless if it's marketed to the wrong target audience, therefore targeting the best audience and at the correct stage of the buying cycle is key. Our Facebook ad gurus are experts at creating ads that will appeal to your target market and always split test our ads in order to leave the question of "what is a good Facebook ad" up to the data and not left to chance.

Whether it’s a carousel ad, a video, a graphic tile, a lifestyle photo, a product photo or a resource for lead generation... structuring your ad for the right audience and at the correct phase in a customer buying cycle is also important. So too is placement. Placement of an ad in story, feed or elsewhere may also impact an ads performance.

Furthermore, what platform the ad shows. Facebook ads is bigger than just Facebook. Facebook ads has the ability to show to Facebook, Instagram and the audience network (a network of other websites and apps that can feature ads outside of the Facebook and Instagram platform).

Finally, expertise. Having expert Facebook advertisers who have the experienced eye for what will likely perform and to whom is a huge variable. With the millions we've invested into Facebook ads over the past decade, our team of expert Facebook Ad Account Managers save you wandering in the dark and highlight where, when, what and how to place your advertisements accurately for the best results right out of the gate.

With variables such as creative, copywriting, where to display, what platform, what target audience, who's managing your ads and where in the buying cycle a customer belongs... nailing each of these through accurate split testing and strategy is how GRAVITATE generate seamless branded advertising that converts, generating the results you're after.

How Much Does Facebook Advertising Cost?

What Companies Advertise On Facebook & Instagram?

When & What Should You Promote on Facebook Ads?

What Industries Benefit From Running Facebook Advertising?

What Results Can I expect From Facebook Advertising Services With GRAVITATE

We would love to say that we just click a button and the grey skies turn bright blue, the birds tweet, you can book that long term holiday and close your laptop... but it's not all sunshine and butterflies.

Until we dive into your existing ads account to learn from the existing historical data and deploy ads built by GRAVITATE to test and learn; we simply will not know the success we can generate for your business. While we have average client returns we can share that exceed 4 - 400X Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) depending on what industry and where in the business growth journey the company sits; we're not going to pretent to you that we can promise anything at all other than our insanely hard work to deliver.

Why? We love data. We learn from data. Without us first launching ads, running them, split testing, culling the worst of the ads and leaning more investment into the best ads... we're not going to have any benchmarks or expectations to share.

Once we've been working together for around 3 months, we will at that point be able to speak more accurately to this question as we will have completed tests, a track record of historical data to refer to and an experienced sense of understanding of where to go from here.

Facebook Ads works best when building out funnels that increase brand awareness, garner clicks to generate increased traffic, retarget warm and hot audiences in order to convert them to leads and sales.

What also helps is high quality and eye catching content and conversion copywriting in order to stand out.

That's where having an agency dedicated to this space is key. Here at GRAVITATE, we are in your ads account daily, optimising at all times to ensure your budget is spent wisely and we squeeze every possible strategic move in order to deliver high quality, measurable and meaningful outcomes.

As time passes and we really get to know your account (3 months +) we usually see a consistent and steady incline of performance as we're using historical data to teach us where to go in our forecasted strategy. This for us is where we want to get us to. Long term partnerships is our jam, and if you'll have us, this is where we perform best as we're in sync with your business and able to elevate month on month.

With forecasting and using our ad data to assist us, we can optimise our preparation and strategies for upcoming sales such as Black Friday and Christmas. We can prepare for new launches of products and services and ultimately develop a colleagues relationship together where performance is consistent.

What Does A FAcebook Ads Agency Do?

A top-tier Facebook Ads agency should provide everything required to generate the best return with your advertising budget. We’re talking end-to-end campaign ideation, implementation, Facebook Ads management, and optimisation. Sales don’t just magically happen. A full funnel ad account framework ensures that the customer journey is being addressed at each stage of the customer buying cycle in order to generate the rewards at the bottom of funnel.

At GRAVITATE, we build out a full marketing funnel that covers brand awareness, consideration, and conversions so that we’re hitting all the correct channels with powerful messages that convince your customers to take action.

Alongside this funnel mapping, we’ll conduct comprehensive competitor, customer persona and market research to find new ways of targeting your ideal customers and presenting your brand accurately.

Speaking of targeting your customers, a leading Facebook Ad agency should help you develop and fine tune your persuasive creative and conversion optimised copywriting so it has maximum impact on the feed. This isn't one and done either. We revise copywriting and content throughout our optimisations, learning from split testing targeting, CTA's, creative and copywriting to learn from our customer base what is working best (and worst) so that we are constantly building off the backbone of data.

Furthermore, we love injecting new content and copywriting into your ads account to ensure that ad fatigue is minimised. Ad fatigue if you're wondering is essentially when an ad is shown too much to your target market and therefore starts to fade in performance, resulting in higher costs to achieve less.

What's your goals? Without goals, where are we heading. Any Facebook advertising agency should constantly ensure that goal tracking is clear and measurable. This in turn creates insights we can learn from as a combined team. Furthermore, if we're not tracking the right data or using the best practices set out by Meta, we would not know whether budget, targeting or results are actually making sense.

If you work with a Facebook Partner like GRAVITATE, you’ll be working with an agency that has a wide-ranging and robust portfolio. We have tried and tested what strategies work best. We split test at every turn, optimising each day to increase overall performance for not just one of our Client accounts but all our Clients. There's often takeaways we can carry over from one Client to another to help the combined Client list of GRAVITATE improve holistically too.

Furthermore, being a Facebook Partner, we have access to more than just your average digital marketers, including new ad formats, advertising initiatives, and priority tech support.

We could go on, but to be straight up, many Facebook Ads agencies aren’t up to the task, they cut corners or hide campaign performance. Other's have loose data points to measure and some don't even track the correct objectives! Others report on vanity metrics, without delivering focus on what will impact your bottom line.

Our Facebook Ads agency is results focussed, entirely transparent with our data and thrive on using measured data to guide our ongoing performance optimisations.

Will Facebook Ads Work For My Ecommerce Business?

According to Hubspot, Facebook Ads has the highest ROI amongst all paid traffic sources (including Google Ads).

Facebook Ads is a must use tool for any ecommerce store in their growth as it allows you to reach a higher proportion of customers faster, with the ability to nurture them throughout the buying journey.

It's not as simple as a few clicks later and we're into enterprise ecommerce land... We need a number of check boxes ticked before this is the case.

Full transparency here. Our team at GRAVITATE love to go outside of the box of what Facebook gives you. We set up custom audiences, lookalike audience (audiences that look like your customer base) and target intent based customers in order to hone in on the correct prospects with laser focus. Why? It costs you less as we don't waste click spend on showing ads to the right customers at the wrong time, nor wrong customers at the right time. We share ads at the time in a customers journey when they're ready to discover your brand and in turn, have a higher likelhood of converting.

Coupled with finding the correct new customer base, we set up insanely detailed retargeting so that if you want your ad to show on a particular product or service but not on others, we can do that. In turn, we are showing aligned products and services the client has actually shown interest in. For example, if you shop IKEA; we would show you just ads on the couch that you looked at, not the beds, kitchens and other items that are not what you're looking for. While other agencies may be cookie cutter couch potato's; we're actively niching down our strategy and ads framework to honour your customers accurately.

Maybe you're seeing a huge abandon cart rate? Plenty of dollars left on the table. Not any more. We jump in, tag particular checkout functions and we can then show ads with aligned messaging that brings those otherwise lost carts back, converting them to a "Thank you for your order" screen within a few clicks. Retargeting to the customers who ALMOST bought, who have bought but may need a reminder to buy again AND those who we could upsell is all great retargeting for increased revenue. After all, customers who've purchased before are 5 times more likely to convert again versus a new customer.

Lastly, new campaign types are being added all the time. Exploring these creatives, targeting and display options could be a door that opens to massive opportunity. For example, experimenting with experience ads, collection ads, messenger ads and video ads just to name a few.

With the right approach and a high quality structure of targeting and ads; you'll convert customers to buy on repeat.


What's The Difference Between Facebook Ads, Meta ADs, Instagram Ads & Google Ads?

Firstly, Meta is the parent company that owns Facebook and Instagram. If you read "Meta Ads", assume that Meta Ads includes both Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads. If you read "Facebook Ads", assume that Facebook Ads includes both Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads.

Google Ads on the other hand is a Google Product, very separated from that of Meta.

Google ads and Facebook ads industry leading in their advertising platforms for growing brand awareness, leads and transactions. The best platform for your business will depend entirely on your budget, goals, strategy and audience selection.

Starting with Google Ads. Google operates on an auction model, where you put your ad up in a bid to show up for specific keywords that your target market is using in order to show up your product or service.

As the worlds biggest pay-per-click (PPC) advertising platform, Google Ads presents opportunity to put your website at the top of a variety of keyword search results. With billions of searches carried out each day on Google search engines and on keywords that align heavily with your brand, there's enormous opportunity to showcase your website ahead of competitors on critical keywords searched by a customer.

Take GRAVITATE digital for example. If we have a Google Search Ad up for "Paid advertising agency"; this has a likely congruence with someone searching that keyword phrase into Google so if our ad pops up on that particular combination of keywords, the customer is likely to then click through to our website to learn more.

One thing we love about Google search ads is that if someone chooses not to click on your ad that you put on a particular set of keywords, you don't pay. Hence, the term Pay Per Click.

Over the years, Google ads has introduced new products and campaign types that provide different targeting options to it's original PPC search campaigns. These include, but are not limited to; Display advertising (putting visual ads on Google's network), Performance Max (PMAX) and Shopping Ads (putting shopable ads on Google's network) and Youtube advertising which is very powerful for brand awareness, video view increases and retargeting.

Google's advertising platform is often used at all stages of a customers buying journey, however we find it has the biggest impact on the potential customers in the later stages of their buying journey. Therefore when we target keywords that you know are likely to generate sales, we usually see a great return on investment. When Google ads is used in brand awareness for top of funnel activities, it can become costly. This is where Facebook in a marketing strategy can be a powerful platform that complements that of Google Ads.

Ultimately running both Facebook ads and Google ads provides a halo effect across the two channels. When they operate together, we generally see enhanced results across both platforms. Let's dig into this further by moving onto Facebook ads to explain this in more detail as Facebook ads is notorious in providing a full funnel framework to build awareness, traffic and conversions.

Facebook ads, like Google, has an enormous audience of potential customers. Facebook gives you the ability to put your brand in front of these users. Whilst Facebook ads also operates in an auction model; you're not bidding for your own Facebook ads to appear on certain keyword searches. Instead, you're bidding to appear in front of the specific targeted audience you (or we as your Facebook ad account managers) will create. With enough touch points and reminders, with clever creative and copywriting, we nurture these potential customers into paying customers.

Conclusion is that both platforms have an amazing application in generating awareness, consideration and conversions.

To know if and when to deploy Google Ads and/or Facebook ads, give our team a call so we can learn your goals and budget and see what the best strategy is so that it aligns with your needs.