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Since its inception, Google Ads has dominated the search engine space. It is a powerful way to get more customers through your door, figuratively and literally. If set up correctly, every click and conversion can be tracked with granular attribution.

Our Google Ads management begins with end-user profiling. We also come to the table with a respect and an acknowledgment of your direct competition. Not only do we take the time to really understand your industry and who the different players are, we deep dive into all historical ads data.

This analysis translates valuable trends that will guide our strategy. As a specialised Google Ads agency, we have meticulous attention to detail, we'll construct campaigns that maximise profitability and are scaleable.

In today’s abundant world of tech, the integration of search is more complex than ever. First-page impression share can be difficult, particularly when there's a lot of competition. Sometimes businesses will find they don't even appear on their brand name. This is where Google advertising plays a paramount role in scaling your business growth.

Let us help you harness the power of psychology and digital marketing to drive success for your business - contact GRAVITATE today to learn more.

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Life is like Google.
You just need to know what you are searching for

  • We scale your brand. We are devoted to creating intelligent, unique outcomes and generating a return.

  • We experiment intelligently with A/B split testing on our strategies, ads, copy, content, audience targeting & CTAs.

  • We do this all day, every day and have been passionately performing in this niche for over a decade.

  • We consolidate and build on our approach month on month together, with laser focus towards the most needle shifting ads that convert towards your business goals.

Google Search Advertising

  • There are various formats of Google advertising. Some are text-based or display ads as well as product listing ads which are more visual. Product-based advertisement formats allow the audience to see important information at a glance, such as images of their searched product, price and reviews.

    Our team develop a holistic search framework to capture all. It’s not enough to focus on your products and product-specific keywords alone. Consumer psychology is key. What is your consumer search that’s related to your brand? How do they refer to the actual thing that you’re selling? We also anticipate competitors and non-brand products to capture all intent keywords. With our team, we can dominate search real estate.

Google Display Advertising

  • We're visual creatures and we all heavily rely on visual cues. Advertising on the display network can help capture attention earlier in the buying cycle. We can reach people worldwide across millions of websites and apps, and on Google-owned platforms (YouTube and Gmail). This allows us to expand your reach beyond just Google Search.

Google Shopping Advertising

  • We help you list your product inventory so your products show up for an audience actively searching for products like yours. Empowered by a specific advertising objective we can find more converting customers and drive more value with a 'Performance Max'  campaign, this is the new goal-based campaign type that accesses all of their Google Ads inventory from one single campaign. Designed to complement your keyword-based Search campaigns.

Youtube Advertising

  • Whether you’re looking to re-market to your website visitors, reach a different audience, or both, advertising on Youtube can assist you with reach and to generate brand awareness. With YouTube, you can use a variety of ad types like pre-roll, skippable and non-skippable ads, bumper ads, and sponsored cards. With a wide variety of targeting methods available, such as demographic, interests, placements, and re-marketing lists, we can reach specific or niche audiences based on who they are and what they're interested in. 

How we work together

Discovery & Research

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Onboard & Strategy

Deep dive, historical analysis, access, setup & strategy development.

Ongoing Management

Split testing, budget control, statistical analysis & ongoing optimisations.


Fluid reporting, monthly success & strategy meetings.

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Our Approach

It's about problem-solving solutions and strategising the success of measurable data. We are a team of thinkers, strategists, and brand matchmakers. Niche but potent, we are BIG on data.

We have mastered the art of turning abstract numbers and problematic data into digestible opportunities to share with you. We action these out-of-the-box ideas and solutions, measure and innovate again. As consumer psychologists, we love statistics and exploring customer behaviour. This data drives our decision-making together to grow your brand.

Great results are one thing, but if we can’t measure the results or see areas for improvement, how will we know where to go next? One of the reasons GRAVITATE exists is we love transparency in data. We love the good, the bad, the ugly data. It’s all useful in helping us pivot and refine our approach together to compound the wins and avoid the pitfalls.

Our reporting shared with you is complete, and measurable using industry-leading reporting software to culminate the data points from various marketing initiatives. This provides us all with the full picture of performance. We then drill down into best-performing ads, copywriting, creative, audiences and more, performance fluidly displays in a central GRAVITATE reporting link. See results daily, weekly or monthly. Compare time periods. See our ongoing work in real-time on mobile or desktop.

We are enterprise ecommerce veterans and our team is formally trained in psychological science, accounting, project management and marketing (just to name a few).

Our techniques and knowledge have grown garage startups into cult following ecommerce stores with warehouses across the globe.

We pride ourselves on delivering needle shifting business growth consistently and with passion and care. We thrive when tailoring our marketing techniques to each unique brand we work with. Our team have first hand success growing international ecommerce brands into household names and local service businesses into multi-million dollar franchises and love to share our knowledge with you in our working relationship.

In the digital marketing space, what worked yesterday, won't work today. Paid advertising is changing daily, so we maintain a deep and ever evolving love of learning more in digital marketing, via ongoing weekly team development. This is systemised through weekly internal and external coaching, workshops and mentorship.

With our team tapped into the vein of digital marketing and a proven history of scaling brands with our digital marketing methods; we have a humble confidence, a genuine passion  and relentless devotion to generating accurate outcomes that promote growth for your business.

We provide consistent and accurate communication as if we were in the same room. We thrive in a colleagues environment as a seamless extension of you and your team. Our communication is unified through clear and transparent touch points throughout the month. We are approachable and accessible and give you our direct phone and email for ease of accessing us.

We provide official monthly reporting in the first week of each month, where we speak strategy after reviewing the data we speak through. This is usually complemented with a monthly Zoom meeting for 30-1 hour.

Busy one month and still want a thorough update? We can provide video recordings via email to summarise performance and speak through our results. If you need help or a GRAVITATE team mate, we're a call away during business hours and an email away 24/7.

We are devoted to creating intelligent, unique outcomes and generating return for your business. With our powers combined and the Captain Planet theme song playing in our heads, we synergise with your business, generating transactions and leads in a seamless, long term, prosperous and in brand approach.

Balancing psychological science and statistics with a creative mindset, we mould our knowledge and proven methods with data driven feedback we learn from getting to know your customer base. We tailor our expertise to deliver you bespoke, high quality and intelligent digital marketing outcomes.

Each business is distinctive, has different goals and unique selling points (USP's). Therefore your brand needs tailored marketing approaches that are anything but cookie cutter or one size fits all. We love tailoring our work to your business as we know that extra touch of personalisation can be the definitive needle shift your business needs to communicate with your customers.

We take the time to learn your unique brand language, style and story; weaving in our own digital expertise seamlessly with your brand.

What our clients are saying

Saxon and his team setup new Google ads and fixed up our conversion tracking - enabling an immediate increase in traffic to our website.
I would absolutely recommend Gravitate and Saxon (he’s also a top bloke and not one of those 'salesy' web agency salesmen).

Marketing Manager

Saxon and the crew at Gravitate Digital have been soo helpful with their paid ads consulting service. It has been an excellent experience to work with Saxon. His knowledge and expertise around paid ads (Google Ads in particular) is exceptional.

Marketing Manager

There's not enough stars to give or "good" related buttons to for me to check in relation to my experience with Saxon and his Gravitate team. I'd have no hesitation in recommending Saxon  and I'm now finding more things I'd like Saxon and his team to work on within my business.

Business Owner
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