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Digital Marketing General Manager

Ready to advance your career in high-end performance marketing? You may have been told once or twice that you’re the “World’s Best Boss”; whether it’s in verbal passing from a happy colleague, a reference letter, or in the form of a coffee cup with the words inscribed. Whether you bought the coffee cup for yourself or it was given to you, we won’t ask… nor judge. Ok boss, so who the bloody hell are you? You're an integrator (IYKYK). You are very clever and whilst you may know your s#!t, you have self awareness to drop all ego. We have a no-ego vibe with our team, so if you're ego is big and you're thinking that our team will adapt to this form of leadership, move on champ. We frankly see through bulls#!t. You have holistic business acumen, leadership experience, take a systematic approach to business operations and above all else, you care. You care about the work you do, the clients we work with and the team we're building.


Email Marketing Specialist

You love learning and collaborating on a common goal of improving all facets of brand and business growth; including email marketing, paid advertising, socials, website, SEO and other business growth principles. Whilst you aren't locked into a single lane and are happy to learn and apply skills in graphic design and digital marketing… Yada yada… What you do have is a very particular set of skills acquired in your career. You can slide past spam and land in the box. Through tested experience, you have mad respect for the role this EDM pillar plays in the overall omni-channel marketing strategy. Whilst we would love a gun in email marketing who's also a weapon in graphic design, paid ads, socials, website and SEO; our team is always learning so if you don't know it all, you're down to learn it… fast!


SEO & Paid Advertising Specialist

As a key member and keyword warrior of our marketing team, you will play a crucial role in account and client management of SEO and paid advertising. This includes analysis and reporting, client relationship building, marketing strategy, copywriting, ad platform optimisations and creative direction. You will manage your SEO and ads accounts and work directly with your clients.


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Doing what we love

We’ve grown professional service and e-commerce businesses around the world, turning concepts into cult brands. We have clients in extreme sports, health and wellness, food and beverage (FMCG & wholesale), professional services, right through to smarter building products and tech startups.

We prefer to market brands that are giving back or disrupting old ways of doing things to encourage a better world.

We immerse our team of GRAVITATE Digital experts with our clients, often contributing in several areas of their business including branding, big picture direction, strategy, digital marketing and consulting.

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