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'Pay-per-click' (PPC) or likewise, 'paid advertising' is the most widespread among the various digital marketing channels that have a direct impact on the profit and revenue of your business. The strength of PPC allows your business to be the result of your target audience's search at the precise moment they are ready to take action.

We boast Google Advertising as one of our core digital marketing services. Our team also specialises in other  PPC services including Bing advertising, Pinterest advertising and the product-based search engine, Amazon.

Get in touch today to see how GRAVITATE Google Ads can support you in accelerating growth for your business.

Digital advertising on social platforms; Meta, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and TikTok, allows us to build a connection with consumers across your entire customer journey. Drive brand awareness, build consideration, deliver conversions, nurture loyalty and shape user experience by partnering with our Australian digital marketing agency.

Through data-rich targeting and scroll-stopping creative, social media advertising gives us the power to turn new customers into loyal and returning consumers. Get in touch to learn more about improving your customer leads, transactions and even staff recruitment through social media advertising with GRAVITATE.

In today's shifting landscape, investing in digital marketing is more important than ever but without a strategy, your distribution is aimless. Your digital marketing strategy is the blueprint to roll out any marketing initiatives. We take a holistic perspective that involves creating value for your customer, organisation and business. Our approach tests every element of your customers’ experience, delivering optimal interactions at every touchpoint. We always collaborate closely with our clients (as a member of our client’s team) to make any strategy a success.

At GRAVITATE, we scale business by solutions-based, data-first strategies with an innate understanding of business. Not by chance. If you need support in developing a digital strategy that drives growth online, GRAVITATE digital is here to help.

Whether you're selling  property or selling plants; building value in your email list is an important element of a successful digital marketing strategy. Your first-party data is the data that you receive directly from your customers across online and offline channels. Your own database provides a baseline marketing opportunity that over time, grows in strength. This form of marketing is cost effective, highly converting and provides endless targeted messaging opportunities to your most engaged list.

We use email marketing platforms such as Klaviyo, MailChimp & Hubspot. We also have experience using complex platforms such as Salesforce, Zoho and Campaign Monitor.

What ever platform you are engaged with, our experienced email marketing team at GRAVITATE have the ability to build incredible Email Marketing automation and email flows that engage and nurture your customers. Speak to our GRAVITATE team today to learn more.

When you partner with GRAVITATE Digital, you're essentially hiring a full service performance marketing department for your business. We are a trusted team with years of experience. Our main service offering is digital advertising for  businesses.

Why? Paid ads are needle shifting, always measurable and it's what we invest most of our team training and client work towards.

Our expertise extends beyond performance marketing, digital strategy and email marketing. We also offer services in code-free website design and development (Shopify, Webflow, Squarespace, Wix), social media management, content production, brand development, data analytics & CRO, eCommerce SEO and complete marketing management.

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Gravitate Digital Clients
Gravitate Digital Clients
Gravitate Digital Clients
Gravitate Digital Clients
GRAVITATE Digital Clients
Gravitate Digital Clients
Gravitate Digital Clients
GRAVITATE Digital Clients
Gravitate Digital Clients
Gravitate Digital Clients
GRAVITATE Digital Clients
GRAVITATE Digital Clients
 Gravitate Digital Clients
Gravitate Digital Clients
GRAVITATE Digital Clients
Gravitate Digital Clients
GRAVITATE Digital Clients
Gravitate Digital Clients

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WE're A Results Driven Digital Agency

GRAVITATE Digital | Digital Marketing Agency | Results Driven Digital Agency
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GRAVITATE Digital | Digital Marketing Agency | Results Driven Digital Agency
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GRAVITATE Digital | Digital Marketing Agency | Results Driven Digital Agency
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GRAVITATE Digital | Australian Digital Marketing Agency
GRAVITATE Digital | Digital Marketing Agency | Results Driven Digital Agency
GRAVITATE Digital | Digital Marketing Agency | Results Driven Digital Agency | About Us
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Gravitate Digital 5 star reviews

Business Owner

Saxon, Eliza, and the team at Gravitate are absolute professionals when it comes to digital marketing and paid advertising. We consider them part of our team and their advice has been invaluable.

Their knowledge of Google, Facebook and Instagram is second to none. If you're looking to boost your business, I would highly recommend that you reach out to this amazing team of experts!

Gravitate Digital 5 star reviews


Saxon, Elke and the Gravitate team are 100% the best Paid Ads agency you could get. We have been using them for over 7 months now and the decision to engage them to look after our paid ads would be right up there as one of the best decisions we made for our business.

They take the time to understand your business, nail their briefs and really do deliver good quality leads consistently. Would be 10 stars if it let me!

Gravitate Digital digital marketing agency Australia

Business Owner 

I have been working with the Gravitate team for about six months now and they helped my e-Commerce company with Google Ads optimisation, website improvements and various digital marketing strategies.

As a result, this has significantly improved our brand awareness, conversions, impressions and customer leads – our Google Ads account and organic impressions stats are looking healthier than ever.

Gravitate Digital digital marketing agency Australia

Marketing Manager

I genuinely feel so lucky to work with Gravitate. Saxon was referred to us by our web developer, understanding that we didn’t need end-to-end support, but someone who could assist us with setup, coaching and would take a phone call to run through ideas and strategy.

Saxon and his team setup new Google ads and fixed up our conversion tracking - enabling an immediate increase in traffic to our website.

An Australian digital marketing agency for conscious  clients who  go big & give a damn

GRAVITATE Digital | Digital Marketing Agency | Results Driven Digital Agency | Long Term Partnerships


GRAVITATE Digital | Digital Marketing Agency | Results Driven Digital Agency | Results and Solutions Focused


GRAVITATE Digital | Digital Marketing Agency | Results Driven Digital Agency | Communication and Transparency


GRAVITATE Digital | Digital Marketing Agency | Results Driven Digital Agency | Extensive Digital Marketing Knowledge


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Discovery & Research

Book a discovery call. Get started with GRAVITATE Digital.

Onboard & Strategy

Deep dive, historical analysis, access, setup & strategy development.

Ongoing Management

Split testing, budget control, statistical analysis & ongoing optimisations.


Fluid reporting, monthly success & strategy meetings.

Frequently asked questions

How is Gravitate Digital different from other DIGITAL marketing agencies?

Tailored to your business

As one of Australia's leading digital marketing agency, we tailor high quality and intelligent digital marketing outcomes for thoughtful brands with a genuine purpose.

A beautiful thing about the vast digital space is that we perform digital marketing worldwide with businesses of all shapes and sizes. From local reach, Australia-wide to global. Ecommerce, service-based or wholesale. B2C, B2B and any other abbreviated industry type, we can help.

We do not cookie-cutter our approach. With every relationship, we always start with a discovery call, to listen to you and your story. We learn about your brand, your customers and the industry. This teaches us how we can best deliver results.

Open and authentic reporting

Great results are one thing, but if we can’t measure and understand the results, how will we know where to adjust, improve or hone in on in the future?

We share it all, the good, the bad and the ugly data as it’s all useful in helping us refine our approach. It’s all the information that teaches us. Therefore, we make sure our reporting is measurable, it’s meaty so that you are holistically informed and we as a combined team make the best decisions together to grow your brand.

Your success is our success

We truly care about our clients. We don't have one person looking after 50 accounts and have never dreamed of growing our business in that direction.

We've put together a team of innovative players, strategic thinkers, hybrid performance marketing specialists. We wear out keyboards faster than a keyboard warrior with our time in the accounts we manage; often sneak a sunset or sunrise surf in and invent all the best excuses to plan the next snowboard or hiking trip with friends and family. This balance of prospering and play keep us tapped into the real world, whilst nurturing a genuine curiosity to keep current in the ever-evolving digital space.

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