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First off, what is digital marketing, you ask?

Digital marketing, simply put, is all marketing efforts that use the all-mighty internet or electronic devices to reach current and prospective customers. We’re going to be honest here, in 2022, digital marketing is pulling its weight in the marketing world.

In 2022, companies, big or small, leverage digital channels such as search engines, social media, email and other websites to reach a wide audience in a more cost-effective and targeted way.

We have put our digital minded brains on "paper" to share with you our top digital marketing tips and tricks in our tool belt to help you navigate this ever evolving space. Without further ado..


For some people, Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is a scary and unknown territory of digital marketing.

Fear not! In our own simple words, SEO is the process of optimising online content to ensure a search engine like Google for example, will be favourable in showing the content as a top result when the people of the internet search with relevant keywords relating to your business.

The importance of SEO in business means the difference between ranking #1 or #100, 1st page or 10th page on a Google search. Now ask yourself, how many times do I actually click onto page #2 of Google search results? If you answered “never”, then you already know the significance of not only creating optimised content, but having well-structured SEO.

This leads us the 3 main areas of SEO: On-page SEO, Off-Page SEO and Technical SEO. Each of these tactics have their own place individually and within a successful digital marketing strategy.

+ On-Page SEO

Page and content optimisation

+ Off-Page SEO

Crawling and indexing

+ Technical SEO

Developing Backlinks

Social Media

Social media… the one we've all heard about and fill far too much of our time with. #popular

In all seriousness though, being active on social media is a bumper tool in your belt. However, its use should be paired with a realistic social media strategy and a plan to guide content, engagement and paid advertising; coupled with regular reflection on the results.

Organic and paid social media marketing both have their place in what is now a saturated and algorithm driven environment. Don't be afraid to try paid advertising teamed with an appropriate strategy.

In Brand | Real & Relevant | Quality Over Quantity | Call to Action
+ Social Media Tip 1 | Set Goals and Objectives

Maybe its brand awareness, or to drive website traffic. It's important to ask why you are on social media, what your goals are and build an action plan. Cue SMART Goals.

+ Social Media Tip 2 | Target Audience Research

Getting to know your target audience, their content preferences, where and when they are most active will help to inform the strategy and bolster its effectiveness.

+ Social Media Tip 3 | Engagement, Engagement

Engagement! Build a community for the people (your people!)

Email Marketing

Now, let’s clarify that email marketing isn’t always the dreaded “spam” that you receive on the daily in your inbox. Email marketing is the organic core of your marketing strategy.

“Email has the ability to reach audiences personally at scale”. No list of potential customers is more potent than your email marketing list and is why email marketing continues to be one of the most effective marketing strategies.

Emails have an increased rate of impressions on new and existing customers compared to social media. Why? People aren’t dealing with an algorithm! When an email is sent to an inbox, an impression is made. Your business has now planted a digital seed in their mind.

Email marketing is a fantastic tool to:

- Keep your customers informed

- Create personalised and value driven content

- Generate traffic

- Collect feedback

- Give customers that little nudge to click "purchase" on their abandoned cart

With so many users and successful results, it's important to build a strong email marketing strategy.

Content Marketing

In today's saturated digital space, it's becoming harder to reach audiences and make an impact.

Cue Content Marketing. The tool focuses on helping you reach your target audience with appropriate, brand consistent, authentic and valuable content.

Content marketing is a long term strategy that involves planning, creating and sharing carefully curated content to reach your target audience.

Effective content marketing usually involves high-quality, consistent content and storytelling! Everyone remembers a great story right!

Content marketing might not render results for every business but with the right strategy and research it can be a powerful tool.

+ Content marketing uses

This tool is pretty broad and can work in conjunction with other marketing pillars. We have listed a few below:

1. Blogs

2. Podcasts and Videos

3. FAQs

4. Opinion posts

5. Social media and Paid Ads

6 Infographic

+ Why consider content marketing?

Content marketing can help to bolster the following for a brand:

1. Brand Awareness

2. Conversions

3. Building strong relationships with customers and/or clients

4. Customer loyalty

5. Reach

6. Barriers to purchase

7. Brand community

Marketing Analytics

Analytics. Not the first thing that comes to mind when you think marketing. We firmly believe that measuring the effectiveness of marketing initiatives and responding to the discoveries is paramount to a successful marketing strategy.

Most digital marketing tools have their own built in analytics tools and can be fairly robust. Take Google Analytics for example.

It is important however to look at analytics from all initiatives holistically and granularly to determine whether marketing strategies are effective and to inform trends and optimisation strategies.

Another important element is ensuring the data you're reporting on is accurate! It's amazing to see the amount of businesses we get involved with who have not set up accuracies in marketing analytics but have been using these incorrect analytics to guide them.

Accurate analytics is key!

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