Essential Digital Marketing Holiday Calendar for 2023 Financial Year

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As you are probably aware, we are already halfway through 2022! Time flies when you are working hard… so we have offered to help you stay organised and inspired for the upcoming financial year with an Essential Digital Marketing Holiday Calendar that every digital marketer needs to kick off next financial year. 

Whatever your business, this calendar’s got you covered so you can plan ahead, creating engaging campaigns relevant to your brand’s community. Whilst this list isn’t exhaustive, it flags key dates in the financial year to inspire and prepare for marketing campaigns or social media posts. These can be opportunities to connect and engage with the brand’s community.

JULY 2022

You’re in luck! July is a fairly quiet month, an important time to get on top of work, catching up with clients or customers, and creating new marketing strategies for the financial year ahead. According to Click Frenzies founder, ​​Grant Arnott, “Julove is all about Aussie shoppers finding deals from the brands they know and love, whilst also discovering up-and-coming brands that have stunning deals on offer”. 

And of course, we can’t forget World Chocolate Day on June 7th! 

Key Digital Marketing Holiday Dates in July 2022:

  • Click Frenzy Julove (26th - 28th July)
  • World Chocolate Day (7th July)


August is quiet once again, especially for those in education which resumes after a mid-year break. Parents rejoice!

Key Digital Marketing Holiday Dates in August 2022:

  • Picnic Day - NT (1st August)
  • World Photo Day (19th August)


September begins the month with Fathers Day, a day to show love and appreciation for the father figures in our lives. R U OK Day also features in September and is a reminder to acknowledge the importance of mental health and to check up on those around you - both in and out of the workplace.

Key Digital Marketing Holiday Dates in September 2022:

  • Fathers Day (4th September)
  • R U OK Day (8th September)
  • AFL Grand Final (24th September)
  • Queen’s Birthday - WA (26th September)


October is when the spooky season begins, and is also a relatively quiet month before the holiday season rolls around. This month is the perfect time to prepare for the upcoming sales season.

Key Digital Marketing Holiday Dates in October 2022:

  • Queen’s Birthday - QLD (3rd October)
  • Labour Day - ACT, NSW, SA (3rd October)
  • Halloween (31st October)


November is the perfect month to finish off the calendar year with a bang before the holiday season rolls around. December hosts a lot of holidays, so November is when you want to go full steam ahead before 2023. This month also sees important promotion and sales dates, so it's the perfect time at the beginning of the month to make sure your business is prepared in advance!

Key Digital Marketing Holiday Dates in November 2022:

  • Melbourne Cup - VIC (1st November)
  • Movember (Tuesday 1st November)
  • Remembrance Day (11th November)
  • Black Friday (25th November)
  • Cyber Monday (28th November)


Just like that, the  calendar year has come to an end! December is the holiday season, and is a great time to look at the year in review, celebrate and show gratitude to your team and clients. Boxing Day Sales is the perfect time to list any remaining stock for the year on sale, and is a great way to gain new customers before the start of the new calendar year.

Key Digital Marketing Holiday Dates in December 2022:

  • Christmas Eve (Saturday 24th December)
  • Christmas Day (Sunday 25th December)
  • Boxing Day (Monday 26th December)
  • New Years Eve (Saturday 31st December)


January is all about reconnecting with clients, and establishing all the digital marketing goals you may have for the remainder of the year. It’s a fresh start to the year so make sure you start 2023 the best way you can.

Key Digital Marketing Holiday Dates in January 2023:

  • New Year’s Day (Saturday 1st January)
  • Get to Know your Customers Day (Thursday 20th January)
  • Australia Day (Wednesday 26th January)


February is Black History Month, and also the start of Chinese New Year. It’s generally when things pick up again following the holiday break.

Key Digital Marketing Holiday Dates in February 2023:

  • Chinese New Year (1st February)
  • Valentine’s Day (14th February)

MARCH 2023

March is all about celebrating the women in your life, with both Women's History Month and International Women's Day featuring in March. Make sure you show the women in your life some extra special love.

Key Digital Marketing Holiday Dates in March 2023:

  • First Day of Autumn (1st March)
  • WA Labour Day (7th March)
  • International Women's Day (8th March)
  • VIC Labour Day (14th March)
  • St Patrick's Day (17th March)

APRIL 2023

March sees the inclusion of many important dates, starting with April Fools Day, so get ready for some jokes or pranks! Earth Day is on the 22nd of April, and is a great opportunity to liaise with clients about sustainability measures in business. ANZAC Day is on the 25th April, and is a day of remembrance for those who served our country in Gallipoli and other devastating wars.

Key Digital Marketing Holiday Dates in April 2023:

  • April Fool’s Day (Friday 1st April)
  • Easter Weekend (Friday 15th- Monday 18th April)
  • Earth Day (Friday 22nd April)
  • ANZAC Day (Monday 25th April)

MAY 2023

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, bringing awareness to the importance of checking up on your fellow employees and clients. Mental health is a huge priority, especially after the pandemic, so make sure you find space for self care and compassion for your loved ones. Mother’s Day also features in May and is a great opportunity to connect with the brand’s community to support celebrating mothers. This one comes around quick so ensure you are prepared at the beginning of the month!

Key Digital Marketing Holiday Dates in May 2023:

  • May Day - NT (Monday 2nd May)
  • Labour Day - QLD (Monday 2nd May)
  • Mother’s Day (Sunday 8th May)

JUNE 2023

June is when the office starts to get cold - winter is here! June also features the Digital Marketing World Forum which is a global forum to unite digital marketing professionals around the world to share insights with one another.

Key Digital Marketing Holiday Dates in June 2023:

  • First day of Winter (Wednesday 1st June)
  • Queen's Birthday - ACT, NSW, VIC, NT, SA, TAS (Monday 13th June)
  • Digital Marketing World Forum (Thursday 23rd - 24th June)

And just like that, the year has come to a conclusion. We trust this essential Digital Marketing Holiday Calendar was helpful. To see results in your business, ensure you are maximising each holiday to drive sales and planning in advance. 

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