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Let's get to know your story and learn about your brand. After all, it's not about us. It's about you and your brand vision.

Customised solutions
We build a customised solution for your brand and budget. We strategise, prioritise and tailor solutions for you and your brand.

We do the work and deliver results. Our commitment to you is to continually benchmark and refine our approach to remain in tune and grow with your brand.

We deliver measurable outcomes and empower you with informative analysis. This is when everyone usually high fives whilst jumping with their heels in the air.

Gravitate Digital Performance Marketing and Paid Ads Experts

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Case Story

How Suncoast Fresh & Gravitate Digital Achieved 21X ROAS with Paid Ads

Suncoast Fresh supply high-quality fruit and vegetables to restaurants, cafes, hotels, businesses, and retail customers in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Byron Bay, Toowoomba and beyond.

Suncoast Fresh work closely with their customers to deliver a paddock to plate wholesale fruit and veg solution that meets the ever-evolving demands of the hospitality industry.

Gravitate Digital Performance Marketing and Paid Ads Experts

The Challenge

For this campaign, Suncoast Fresh were looking to drive new audiences to purchase a new product offering and to be able to measure the results of their ad spend. Key challenges:

  • First time to market with a new product and new audience.
  • Time is of the essence to pivot quickly in a rapidly changing COVID-19 environment.

Gravitate digital solution

Gravitate Digital quickly got to know the brand and team at Suncoast Fresh, diving in deep to understand the culture, goals, vision, products, audiences and the Suncoast Fresh community. A comprehensive competitor analysis was undertaken to understand the key opportunities in the market. This helped to build detailed targeting from the onset of the campaign and ads that spoke to the target audiences.

With this deep brand, competition, audience and market understanding; Gravitate Digital created aligned, PPC Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns, together with compelling content from their passionate team. These targeted PPC campaigns allowed Suncoast Fresh to reach ready-to-buy customers. Throughout the campaign, Gravitate Digital refined the ads and audiences, optimising for conversions and driving Suncoast Fresh’s goal.

To compliment the ad campaigns, Gravitate Digital worked with the team at Suncoast Fresh to further develop a good funnel on their website to provide better conversion opportunities.

The campaign generated over 12000 website visits from qualified customers, 171K impressions, 5.45% click through rate and an out of the ball park 21X purchase ROAS (Return on Ad Spend).

Check out what our friends at Suncoast Fresh say about us.

Gravitate Digital Facebook and Instagram Ads Management Paid Ads Experts

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Gravitate Digital Performance Marketing and Paid Ads Experts

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