New Facebook B2B Targeting Capabilities

Meta Advertising released new B2B targeting capabilities. Find out what this means for Facebook and Instagram advertisers.

Facebook B2B Targeting

Facebook Advertising has now released new B2B targeting capabilities for Facebook and Instagram advertisers. The ability to reach customers in the digital world has become a key priority in driving business growth and Meta (Facebook and Instagram) continues to build advertising products that introduce new options for advertisers.

As of 16th August 2022, Meta globally announced their new B2B targeting audience segments.

So what does targeting audience segments mean? These new segments allow B2B advertisers to directly target key decision-makers in various businesses!

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Meta Advertising is unique in the way that it supports B2B marketers in creating meaningful relationships with businesses.

With the new audience targeting options being introduced, marketers can now access the following B2B targeting segments to help drive B2B results in Facebook ads:

Information Technology (IT) Decision-Makers

This segment targets ads towards people who are IT decision makers, which is based on their job titles.

Business Decision-Maker Titles and Interest

This B2B audience segment targets Facebook and Instagram ads towards people who are business decision-makers.

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Business Decision-Makers

This B2B audience segment targets ads towards people who are business decision-makers in engineering, IT, operations, HR or marketing.

New Active Business

Lastly, this audience segment targets admins of upcoming businesses that were created in the last 6, 12 and 24 months.

Testing these options in your Facebook Advertising account is crucial for utilising these new segments to optimise advertising campaigns.

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