5 Ways to Increase Instagram Engagement

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Have your Instagram followers, comments or likes been a bit stagnant or non-existent lately? Fear not, we’ve got some tips heading your way! It’s so important to engage with you audience, not only to build new connections, but to foster existing relationships.

1. Be Present | Leave a meaningful comment on a post to start a conversation. Maybe try an open ended question.

Other people might be in the same boat as you - don’t be scared to show them some love with a thoughtful comment about their content, business or brand. What comes around goes around. They may even hit reply or check out your content. Can you think of a simpler way to gain a new follower?

2. Hashtags | Explore popular hashtags within your industry - interact and engage!

Always use hashtags in your captions! Explore popular industry specific hashtags to get your brand out there. Maybe even do a few branded terms too, that way your customers have a space to share them using your products. Potential customers also then have an easily accessible place to see positive reviews.

3. React | Quick react to a person's story with emojis. Your name will stand out over time.

It takes 0.2 seconds to swipe up and click an emoji on and Instagram story. Doing this consistently will help you to stand out over time, get people to your profile and maybe you’ll gain a new follower or two.

4. DM | Stand out in their DMs. Let them know you're a fan, that you'd love to work together or just say 'hey!'

Speaking of DM’s… try sliding in there first. Maybe try reaching out to someone you look up, let them know you admire their work ethic. Reach out to a customer, ask for some feedback on your products, or if they’ve got a big following, see if you could work together. We've got you thinking right?

5. Notifications | Turn. On. Notifications. Be the first to like, comment or share. You're on the ball.

Make sure your notifications are on. Get back to your followers in a timely manner, whether its a comment or a DM.

Got a tip that's been working for you, let us know in the comments below. More questions contact the Gravitate Digital Team -


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