First, let’s get to know your story and learn about your brand. After all, it’s not about us. It’s about your goals and achieving your vision.

A beautiful thing about the vast digital space is that we can get to perform digital marketing worldwide with businesses of all shapes and sizes.

We always start with a discovery call, to listen to you and your story. We learn about your brand, your customers and about the leaders driving the brand. This teaches us how we can best serve you. We then look into your social presence, your website, your conversion funnel and existing practices, to strategise and inform you of the opportunities that lay before you both in the short and long term.

We’re big on communication at GRAVITATE Digital and have found that with more informed clients who are present to our progress, we achieve better results in more alignment with your brand.


Next, we strategise, prioritise and customise solutions for your brand. We do not cookie cutter our marketing approach.

Once we’ve learnt about your brand, we then decipher which strategy and focus will serve the best results. We develop a plan by recommending the most potent and viable priorities to make the biggest impact. Strategy, ideas and advice is only useful when it’s actioned outstandingly. To honour this statement, we deliver you a scope of work which includes a plan that’s completely tailored, has clear actions for us to take, is measurable, with deadlines and within the budget you allocate. We play-do around the edges until it’s the perfect strategy to honour your needs, then click the big red button to launch our strategy and framework online.


Thirdly, we unleash our unicorns who sprinkle their magic. In other words, we work hard, communicate with you regularly and deliver measurable results.

Once we’re in the action phase, it’s important to us to stay connected with you on our progress so you’re informed and we’re tracking together. With any work we do with you, we ensure it’s measurable and that you stay informed on our progress. This layer of communication with you keeps you learning about the digital space and us aligned with your business and budget. It also creates a sensation that we are a part of your extended team. After all, our success as a business is purely driven off the success of you as our client. Our commitment to you is to continually benchmark and refine our approach to remain seamless and grow with your brand.


Finally, we deliver you measurable results. Everyone usually high fives with their heels in the air…and we all live happily ever after.

Great results are one thing, but if we can’t measure the results or see areas for improvement, how will we know how to replicate or improve next time. Having run businesses and hired outside digital marketing agencies before whilst running these businesses, one of the frustrations of marketing agencies is their ability to put rose tinted glasses on everything. Squash the bad results, pump up the good results. Voila! You are none the wiser and think they did a great job. One of the reasons GRAVITATE Digital exists is we love transparency, we love the good, the bad, the ugly data as it’s all useful in helping us pivot and refine our approach. It’s all information that teaches us. Therefore, we make sure our reporting is measurable, it’s meaty and it includes all the good and the not so good so that you are holistically informed and we as a combined team make the best decisions together to grow your brand.